Did you pass first time?

It’s not you that’s the problem – it’s the other drivers on the road. How often have you heard that one?

We all doubt the skills of the other road users around us and over the years we have developed a series of simple hand gestures to help us clearly communicate our views on their driving ability.

Well, if you have ever wondered about the driving skills of those around you, or lack of them, consider the following story that landed on our desks quite recently.

A learner driver in Tokyo has just passed her driving test on her 950th attempt.

A typo surely?

Regrettably not!

Cha Sa Soon (with a name like Soon she couldn’t be anything other than optimistic) has scraped through her driving theory test after failing it previously a remarkable 949 times. In total, Cha has spent 791 hours doing the examinations in a bid to pass her test, a test she has taken every working day since… April 13th 2005.

At 68, this has made Cha something of a celebrity in Tokyo – all she has to do now (you really couldn’t make this up) is pass the practical examination and prove that she can actually drive.

Safer Motorways is trying to find out if she plans to visit the UK anytime soon and if she does whether she will be hiring a car whilst she is over here.

More news as we have it.

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